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IVAO Aruba Division

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  • Callsign: Aruba
  • IATA: FQ
  • IATA number: 276

Aruba FS Club


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Bonbini by Air Aruba

Notice to all visitors: Air Aruba is a virtual project on the Internet for simulation purposes only

Who Are We?
Air Aruba Virtual is a virtual air carrier which serves several destinations in the Caribbean, North and South America as well as Europe. We currently operate  a fleet of Airbus, Boeing, Boeing McDonnell-Douglas, and  Bombardier aircraft.

Our role
Air Aruba Virtual plays a critical role in the virtual air transportation sector for the so called "ABC islands". Namely: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - which are islands whose economies are heavily dependent on tourism. Air Aruba has an excellent safety, reliability and service record which has quickly put us among the top virtual airlines in the Caribbean.

Aruba, Our hub
The island of Aruba is Air Aruba's home base and principal hub which serves primarily US, Colombian & Venezuelan markets, Aruba's main tourism traffic flow. Future plans are to open new hubs but that is not priority at this time.

The real Air Aruba
The real Air Aruba went a long way since its humble beginnings in 1986 when the Aruban government founded the airline. Starting with a single YS11, it operated flights between Aruba, Curacao & Bonaire. It has since experienced growth, expansion, contraction, changes in ownership/management and aircraft types as well as financial constraints during its existence. Unfortunately Air Aruba ceased operations as of November 2000. With Air Aruba Virtual we are now keeping the dream alive. We are committed to expanding and improving our services over the next couple of years in conjunction with our virtual airline partners, to ensure we meet with the changing needs of all our staff & customers who live & fly in the region and our visitors from overseas, as well as those who avail of our Cargo and Express parcel service.

Air Aruba Virtual Airline, what is it? (what is a virtual airline?)
Air Aruba Virtual Airline was established to simulate the real airline operation but with a specific attention to Microsoft's popular software "Flight Simulator'. The real idea behind it is to recruit pilots to fly on or offline and have them report their flight time/hours, all of this just for the fun of it. For this we offer a mixture of complimentary aircraft files for your Flight Simulator. Air Aruba Virtual is continuously looking for new markets, hubs and aircrafts just like it would have been in the real world.

* Our Fleet section has been updated and now you can download the correct files.